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Moffat County Fair Queens

On behalf of the Moffat County Fair we are proud to introduce to you the 2022 Moffat County Fair Queens! These young ladies have accepted the responsibilities associated with the Fair  Queen program. This program is more than just boots and tiaras. It's about being proactive in the community, within the 4H program, and representing Moffat County with integrity. Being part of the program, these wonderful young ladies learn many values that they will carry through life. They learn hard work, dedication, communication, character, sportsmanship, and leadership skills. We are so excited to see what each one will bring to the Moffat County Fair this year!

Fair Royalty Program Advisors - Julie Hall & Kayla Colgate

2022 Moffat County Fair Queens


Senior Queen - Shelbee Cox

Hi, my name is Shelbee Cox. I am the 2022 Moffat County Fair Senior Queen. It is my 4th year in 4H. This year my projects are dog, market lamb, and breeding goat. I like to ride my horses, ride the 4-wheeler and work with my dog, River. I like being apart of the royalty because I get to go out and meet new people and talk to them about fair.


Junior Queen - Cadie Hume

Hello, I am Cadie Hume, I am the 2022 Moffat County Junior Queen. I am 10 yrs old and will be in the 5th grade this year. I will be showing my market lamb this year. I enjoy playing baseball, making projects and doing science experiments. I really hope to see you at the Moffat County Fair.

Junior Attendant - Makenna Comstock

Hello, my name is Makenna and I am your 2022 Junior Queen Attendant. My hobbies are making earrings, coloring, whittling, playing with my dog, my horse, and my siblings.

The projects I do in 4H are Dog and Sheep. This is my third year in 4H and my first year doing Royalty.

I am hoping to see you at the fair.

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