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Thank You to Our 2023 Sponsors

Welcome to the Moffat County Fair

We love making and sharing memories from the first fair held in Maybell, to our current fairs held in Craig.

Events and activities for all ages that represent all ages that represent our Counties hobbies and lifestyles!

We hope you will join us in 2023 to continue these traditions!

We strive to provide wholesome family entertainment alongside the activities and events of the county fair. Showcasing our youth, our community, and project entries from every corner of the county. All week, there will be a variety of entertainment! Check info out below!

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2022 Moffat County Fair Dedication  Bill Sixkiller

Bill Sixkiller.jpg

The 2022 Moffat County Fair is dedicated to William "Bill" Sixkiller. The Moffat County Fair Board proudly recognizes all the work Bill puts into the fairgrounds, for the Fair, the Rodeo, and all our special events the week of the Fair. Bill is always a friendly face that is kind and willing to help us out in an instant when needed and easy to work with when there is an issue. We are grateful for all things he does without us even noticing or having to ask! He helps make the Fair run smoothly each year!

Moffat County Fair Dedicated to the Memory of Tom Maneotis


It is our honor to dedicate the 2022 Fair Memorial to Steve Maneotis, best known to most as Tom. Tom loved people, he loved helping, he was a man you could go to for advise and many did. You may not always like what he told you, but he was black and white. There was never a doubt where he stood. If you ran into Tom you were going to get a heartfelt hug and kiss followed up many times by a joke. He was proud of his Greek heritage and if it were challenged, be prepared for a tongue lashing at the very least. It was a privilege to know Tom and an honor to dedicate the 2022 Moffat County Fair in Memoriam.

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