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2023 Moffat County Fair Dedication  Rhonda Counts


Each year, the Moffat County Fair Board works to recognize someone who represents the core values and work ethic of our Fair participants and volunteers. For 2023 the Moffat County Fair is Dedicated to Rhonda Counts. Moffat County history runs deep and wide in the family tree of Rhonda Counts.
Rhonda’s mother, Beverly, was born into the Ottens family who settled in the Hamilton area and started the Hamilton Store in 1913. Beverly’s mother, Edith Osborn married Albert Ottens on Aug. 30, 1931, in Rifle, Colorado. Edith and Albert were well-known for their 50-year tenure as the proprietors of the Hamilton General Store and Post Office.
Originally settling in the Great Divide area in the 1920’s, Wesley’s parents eventually moved North of Cedar Mountain where they remained. Rhonda’s parents Wesley Counts and Beverly Ottens were married July 12, 1958, in Grand Junction, Colorado. Wesley is a longtime wheat farmer and Beverly worked with Moffat County Social Services for 33 years.
Graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s degree in horticulture, and later receiving her Master’s degree in education from Regis University, Rhonda went on to teach Science in the Moffat County School District for 22 years. Rhonda is active in her church, the Craig Church of Christ, and devotes many hours to “volunteering under the radar.” She is spending time this summer with a small group of girls
teaching them to sew, with a push toward entering quilts for this year’s Fair. She loves to spend time in her yard and at the family cabin on the White River. With acres of grass that needs tending, there is no lack of mowing to be done and Rhonda is the family go-to!
Rhonda was quick to say the confidence gained, and connections made by participating in 4-H, FFA, and exhibiting at Fair had a tremendous influence on the trajectory of her daughter Jessica’s career. Rhonda attended the County Fair for many years with her daughter, waiting for just the right time to serve on the Moffat County Fair Board, which she was an active member of from 2012-2019. Rhonda reflected on her motivation for serving, “It’s my turn, everybody needs to have a run at it and realize what a huge job it is.”
When asked if she had any special thoughts about Fair, her response was, “I think it’s a little bit humbling to be even
asked to do anything like this because there are so many people that work so hard on it. I think there are a lot of things
that happen that nobody ever sees, so I think it’s really about the people that are not getting acknowledged.” Rhonda’s unwavering support and volunteer hours are the backbone of the Moffat County Fair Quilt Exhibit, she is an integral part of the volunteer team! Without such dedicated volunteers, the Fair would not survive. That is why we take extreme pleasure in dedicating this, the 2023 Moffat County Fair, to you Rhonda Counts. We want to thank you for your many years of service and commitment to the Moffat County Fair.


Moffat County Fair Dedicated to the Memory of Shirley May Seals Seely


Shirley was raised in Craig, CO after her parents moved here from McCook, NE. She spent her youth with her siblings and home-town friends. Shirley worked at a young age baby-sitting. She often times could be found with her good friends at Football games. She worked at Cowan’s Drug store during High School as a soda-jerk and counter salesgirl.
Her mother, Mary Seals, was a home seamstress and taught her girls to sew and quilt. Shirley made her own clothes.
When she married David Seely in 1960, she began to help work the K-Diamond Ranch. She was an excellent cook and was well known for making the best home-cooked meals. She cooked for hired- hands, spur of the moment guests, hunters, friends, and family.
Shirley also sewed for her girls and taught them sewing, embroidery, crochet, and knitting. She could always produce a
beautiful and well-made piece of clothing. She was particular in her work and could make a beautiful wool suit, prom dresses and wedding dresses, doll clothes or hand-pieced quilt. Her favorite project that she took special care to work
on was an embroidered and quilted comforter and pillow sham set with pink floral circlets with eyeleted trim. Shirley served as a 4-H clothing/sewing leader off and on for ten years and often submitted projects in the Open quilting and canning divisions. She supported her daughters in 4-H and FFA by sharing her knowledge of canning, gardening, sewing, and baking. Everyone was happy to see her at the market shows during Fair. Her girls especially! Lunch was the best part of the day. Shirley and her husband, David, supported the 4-H and FFA Market Sale each year. She took pride in everything she produced and shared with family and friends. She was often requested to bake or cook for special community functions. She donated her time to various Church and local Service Groups.
Shirley enjoyed being a part of the community and will be well remembered for her dedication and love to her family.
She passed on her skills and wonderful recipes to her daughters and granddaughters.
The Seely family appreciates the recognition of Shirley by the Junior Livestock Sale Foundation and the Moffat County
Fair Board as we know how important being involved in the projects, shows and sales was to her as she supported her
family and friends!

2023 Moffat County Fair Honorary Volunteers
The Villard Family

The Moffat County Fair has chosen the Villard Family for the 2023 honorary volunteers. Kevin, Tammy, Megan, Allie, and Emma were easy choices to receive this honor.
Kevin and Tammy were both raised in Craig and their roots run deep here. Kevin was born straight into the ag lifestyle and grew up ranching in the sheep industry. Tammy, on the other hand, grew up as a

town kid (as much as you can in Craig) and never got into the agriculture lifestyle until she fell in love with Kevin and his Western way of life.
They were married in 1996 and soon had three beautiful daughters, Megan, Allie, and Emma. They raised these girls right and shared their love for livestock with them as they have shown lambs and other projects in the Moffat County Fair through the years.

Tammy has been a very active Fair Board member for five years. One of the many things that makes Tammy so great on the Fair Board is you get her, but you also get her special family with her. Some people volunteer to make themselves look good or to be able to say I was part of making this event. The Villard family is nothing like that, no matter what needs to be done or when it needs to be done, the whole family jumps in and handles it.

Tammy mentioned that her favorite part of the fair is that the whole ag community comes together for a week and drops everything they’re doing to attend. That made me chuckle because that’s just like the Villard family, no matter what’s going on through fair week they’re willing to drop whatever they are doing and help out with any task (even Bingo).
The Moffat County Fair Board would like to give you a heartfelt thank you and, as we said, it was an easy decision to select your family as the 2023 Honorary Volunteers.

Thank You to Our 2023 Sponsors

Welcome to the Moffat County Fair

We love making and sharing memories from the first fair held in Maybell, to our current fairs held in Craig.

Events and activities for all ages that represent all ages that represent our Counties hobbies and lifestyles!

We hope you will join us in 2023 to continue these traditions!

We strive to provide wholesome family entertainment alongside the activities and events of the county fair. Showcasing our youth, our community, and project entries from every corner of the county. All week, there will be a variety of entertainment! Check info out below!

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